Planting the Original Marathon Route

For the celebrations of the 120 years of Olympic Games, the authorities chose Anigozanthos to be planted in a known historical monument of Athens famous worldwide: the starting point of the original Marathon route! The place from which thousands of athletes from all over the world start running for the hardest and oldest game of … Read more

Planting Anigozanthos in Kifisia

Few Municipalities of Greece have connected their name so closely with floriculture like Kifissia. Therefore, when they choose to plant Anigozanthos in the new parking next to the central park, the honor is more than great! It didn’t take a lot of time for the idea to become action: the Municipality staff repaired damaged irrigation … Read more

Make a nice bouquet on your own

I’m going to show you how easy it is to refresh your plants-by cutting the stems-and at the sametime create a nice decoration for your office/house/table etc. Only things we need are: Anigozanthos (any variety you like), a vase, a piece of decoration fabric and ribbon. For this post I used two small pots (14cm) … Read more

Anigozanthos Rampage

A prolific plant, repeat flowering paw that features masses of large orange/red flowers held on strong stems. This is a fund-raising variety in Australia which helps a great cause: Over $60,000 has already been raised to fund autistic children and their families. Ten cents from every plant sold is donated to Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect). … Read more

Anigozanthos Revolution

We have no doubt that this is the best-performed, tall orange paw around. Distinctive, light orange flowers adorn this highly branched variety. Neat upright foliage and loads of flowering stems makes for an outstanding, well balanced presentation. The Landscapers are made to be planted in your garden or in very big decoration pots and you … Read more

Anigozanthos Pioneer

Certainly one of our favourite kangaroo paws. An impressive plant that provides an outstanding floral display, each stem resembling a bouquet in itself. A profusion of golden yellow flowers appear on multiple, branched red stems. Has strong, upright foliage and good disease tolerance too. The Landscapers are made to be planted in your garden or … Read more

Anigozanthos Fury

A plant that can’t wait to grow up and show off its fabulous floral display. Has compact height, repeat flowering nature and great field performance. Naturally branched stems produce beautiful, dark crimson flowers in abundance. An outstanding option for home or commercial use. The Landscapers are made to be planted in your garden or in … Read more

Anigozanthos Endeavour

This tough landscaper generates dozens of flowering stems, each producing an abundance of individual flowers. Has an upright habit and each plant can cover a square metre at maturity. The Landscapers are made to be planted in your garden or in very big decoration pots and you should cut their big stems to bring the … Read more

Anigozanthos BGM Fascination

Created to fascinate and attract attention, this compact variety is a good representator of the BGM family. Short stems, full with many,big, red-to-magenta flowers that open early and remain open for many weeks. Like most of the BGM varieties, it performs better in ceramic or decoration pots and survives for less years planted in the … Read more

Anigozanthos BGM Fantasy

If you like a bright yellow colour that keeps changing to orange as it gets more sunlight,then Fantasy is the right variety to decorate your balcony or garden. A good bloomer with short stems and many big flowers, excellent for placing on tables or next to the window. Like most of the BGM varieties, it … Read more